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Employers of crocharter service who makes experienced seaman's and skippers, authorized services and authorized part dealers<

mediate in parts supply and equipment for all kind of yachts, help in elimination damage, reparation yachts and transfers yachts.

Also, advice and supports our costumers to make choice and make management during the exploitation vessels,

help and advices in planning navigation routes and organization travels, team building, etc...

We offer next services:

- dockage

- custom and immigration formalities

- cruising and diving permits

- bunkering

- local weather forecast

- interior supplies

- deck supplies

- technical support, repairs, maintaince

- shipyard arrangements

- day workers

- house and apartment arrangements

- excursions and travel reservations

Service at Sea:

- delivery at sea or passenger transfer

15 €/Nm

- price for extra passenger

10 €/Nm

- delivery of parts or gasoline at sea

15 €/Nm + price of parts or gasoline

- hour of waiting (stand by)

20 €

- diving 1/2 hour up to 20 m (1/2 hour is min.)

75 €

- small repairs (according to charter or owner instructions)

60 €

- towing boats up to 9m of length

40 €/Nm


All other services not mentioned in the price list are separately arranged.

PDV not included in price

Price increase 50% in case:

- night interventions (20:00 - 08:00)

- services render during Sundays and holidays

- interventions during stormy weather (wind 4 bf; sea 3-4 bf)

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